In Memoriam

Cobina Wright Beaudette

August 14th 1921- September 1, 2011

Cobina spent her life loving and rescuing animals. She was the perfect example of unconditional love- which she learned from almost a century having animals

in her life and is now in heaven with all her beloved pets. She made sure her property would always be

Happy Endings Sanctuary, so that we may continue to help the homeless animals of our beautiful valley she loved so much. She also loved children, who come here to learn and have a chance to be a part of each animal's success story. We are so grateful for her amazing mentoring, love, kindness and compassion. She will be terribly missed but she will always be our guardian angel.

KC Sanctuary Dog Extraordinaire


We had to put our oldest and most wonderful Sanctuary dog  K.C. to sleep recently. Her body shut down along with her legs. She is running again, pain free and I know she was grateful she had people who loved her, doted over her, didn't care if she was deaf, half blind, incontinent, had dementia, needed to eat four times a day and gave her a forever home. You came a long way from the starving, beaten dog a year ago. Cheers old girlie! You were sure loved and you will be missed!!



When she first came to us as a senior lady, she was extremely thin, but she was one of the sweetest, most well behaved dogs you could ever ask for. She spent the remainder of her life with her foster dad, David and beautiful German Shepherd named Cyrus. She spent her days with love and dignity on 100 acres, going for walks daily and having her every whim catered to! We are honored to have been able to make your life whole again and we will  never forget your big heart and your willingness to forgive. You will live in our hearts forever! Thank you David, you are extraordinary!

Rose She was wonderful, kind, gentle, camera shy soul who came to live with us after her owner could no longer afford to keep her. She made a remarkable recovery in the year that she was with us and we are so very happy to say that she finally got her dream life! Thank you Dr. Phoebe, Dr. Lisa, Buffy and Rick for helping us make her dreams come true. Her sweet and welcoming nicker will be missed and she will be in our hearts forever!

Miracle She was loved and pampered. A far cry from the emaciated old girl who wobbled down our driveway 5 years ago. Thank you Walela, Phoebe, Doug, and Platinum for giving 5 years of love and serenity to a very deserving, sweet old girl. We will miss her greatly! She will live in our hearts forever!
Our precious little Sunny Bunny, how many children did he bring joy and love to… How many new horses came to live here, did he befriend and showed them the ropes. He was our go to pony for very small children who would be intimidated by large horses. His love and compassion for everything and everybody will not be out done ever. I want to thank our precious Godmother Phoebe, and her most loving and trusted assistant Elise, Joe Brown for working on feet as hard as concrete while sitting on the ground with his back hurting trying to make him more comfortable, Dr Ian and his band of loving humans, Uncle Dougie for his magic hands, Juli his first mom for giving him the opportunity to be a blessing to so many and all my volunteers who have lovingly washed and groomed him to be the outstanding pony that he was. I want to thank Tammy for always being there when we need her,and for her loving patience to clean him at his worst and always remembering him with peanuts when he couldn't have a regular cookies. You'll never be forgotten little man, and we will never forget your love and loyalty to your sister Classy. Also thank you to Aunt Barbara next-door for going the extra mile for him as well.
Run free, pain-free through lush green hills of rainbow bridge and I will see you again my darling little buddy. I will ALWAYS love you!!!!

T.W. Smooth aka T-Bone

T was a beautiful 28 year old Quarter Horse who lived the majority of his life being a show horse. He specialized in western pleasure. He was trained by someone who had a strong work ethic and consequently, T was miserable and started being aggressive and dangerous. He came to live here because he was not "useable" anymore. The only time he looks happy is when food or treats are in his future! We showered him with love and attention. He had a long life and we are grateful he spent 11 years with us! We will see you at rainbow bridge! We will always love and miss you everyday!

T.C. was a wonderful cat. He was very shy of new people, but once he knew you he was your friend for life! He was always scared of everything, so he spent most of his time at C.C.'s house, on her bed. He loved to play with toys and eating was he most favorite pastime. He loved "his" dogs and was always licking them, trying to clean them up. He lived a very long and pampered life and there wasn't any doubt that he wasn't grateful for every moment! We love you and will never forget you Teece!

Christine Marie

Christine Marie was the greatest little dog. She came to us starving and just had puppies; we can't imagine what being lost from your babies would have felt like. We tried to give her love and security and we think we achieved that. We never left her side because she was so scared and never wanted to be left alone. She went everywhere with us for 11 years. She flew in an airplane, went to the best restaurants and hotels; she deserved every minute of it. C.C. had a front pack so when she went riding she could be with her. Christy was the ultimate public relations director for Happy Endings. Everyone that met her, loved her. Her existence showed animals have a soul. We are all better people because we loved a sweet, little dog named Christine Marie. Our lives have a huge hole in it now because of a 5 pound dog. We couldn't watch her suffer and gave her one last gift. We will miss and love you forever Chrissy Woo!  

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